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Bristol Tourist Attractions

When you arrive at the premises of the United Kingdom’s eighth largest and most populous city, your expectations race up to a very high level, and It is indeed, the right way to lift up your holiday spirit. Situated in the Southwest of the England Bristol is known as the unofficial capital of England's West County. Bristol is such a large city that is highly populated hence it is only understandable that it will be a full pack pure European entertainment. It has every sort of attraction for different kind of tourists those come by. So the tourists instead of affording a complete Euro trip, land straight in to the midst of Bristol and have a crisp of the entire European salsa. Bristol like any other European country it is stuffed with historic monuments and festivals rich with culture yet like any other metropolitan European country tourists can easily spot downtown areas and high end night life at its peak and not to forget its not very popular football clubs.

The Bristol airport provides with main gateway to the amazing city of Bristol. This airport is known for its cheap airlines and scheduled flights off to the major European city, so Bristol could be a great kick start for an exciting euro trip. Tourists entering Bristol through the Bristol airport Lulsgate at first experience the basic freedom through the therapeutic greenery around the motorway that leads straight to the city's centre, which is about eight kilometers from the airport. As said earlier Bristol has diverse attractions to offer its visitors and unparallel collection of memories for the rest of their lives. It is an early Paleolithic settlement about 60,000 years old; therefore one can estimate that the architecture found at every next corner of the city could be few thousands of years old. Knowing this fact, the way a tourist will reflect on its heritage, would become entirely different and more profound.

When talking of Bristol's heritage there are various old buildings, few distorted because of the medieval time wars and many more conflicts, yet many are still intact to provide with an aw-inspiring view. The Bristol cathedral, The St Mary Radcliffe near the floating harbor of the Bristol is at the top of the tourist’s destinations list. Part of the major old city of Bristol is the corn street; a street filled with old remnants of the early times even an intricate clock that not only lets time in new framed GMT standard but of the old Bristol frame as well. The St. Nicholas market, under one arcade of glass is also one of the oldest market places in Bristol. Walking through the bazaar tourists can enjoy great variety of cheap yet hygienic street food; one of the oldest European recipes are to be found under this glass arcade. And not to forget the old legendary King Street sterling with the myths of pirates patronize.

Side by side where Bristol has mastered in preserving the old heritage, it does believe in forming new for coming generations to look back at. The city is springing with well renowned artists and the city corners are decorated with free-willed artistic show cases. The love for theater art never dies from the roots of Bristol and is still the most important attraction point for tourists who have the aesthetic sense. Another beautiful aspect of Bristol is the nature's gift, its river system that makes the sunset in the Clifton area an eye soother. once in Bristol the vacations becomes never ending festival for as in literally, the summers at Bristol is as colorful as any rainbow. This is why it is also known as the 'summer city', there is a kite flying festival, a balloon festival, art festivals, vegetable festivals, harbor festival and even organic soil food festival you name it and they celebrate it with their whole heart and belief. The city turns into a garden of colorful flowers upside and down, everywhere.